Updating a mountain cabin with paneling

Wood Paneling – Wood paneling has a way of screaming ” the 1970s” when you enter a home.

Wood paneling has a way of making any space appear darker and gives the impression of theroom being smaller than it actually is.

If you read this blog on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure you know exactly how I feel about wood paneling.

But, just painting the paneling can dramatically give the room a different look.However, the stain may not be able to be evenly applied.If you are unsure of what the paneling may look like after being refinished, simply finding a corner or a spot that is hidden by furniture will allow for a good place to test to see if the refinish technique will work. Simply adding a trim detail can add a new element to any wood paneling.We hoped to create a light, bright interior that was more cottage than cabin.Think East Coast cottage instead of the traditional Midwest hunting shack.

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