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So the problem doesn’t lie with IIS or my choice of HTTP streaming (which had already been questioned by a few on-lookers).

The table below gives an indication of how bad the App-V 5 streaming is compared with simple file copy and a similarly sized App-V 4.6 app.

I confirmed that I could HTTP download the “.appv” file content from the IIS content servers to the clients very quickly, at approximately 400Mb/s which isn’t bad considering the physical size of the site and the number of network switches involved.

So there doesn’t appear to be a network performance problem with the content servers or the core switches.

In this article he details his efforts in overcoming a slow App-V 5 publishing and streaming problem he encountered in a large desktop application upgrade project.

When a user launches an App-V 5 application, this procedure takes place behind the scenes and the App-V 5 application will generally launch before the background streaming has completed (depending on Feature Block 1), although if using a hard disk, the disk IO is generally so high that the application won’t perform well until streaming has completed.

I use the phrase “mounting” a lot because the Power Shell command to 100% cache an App-V 5 application is “Mount-App VClient Package” although it performs the same streaming / download procedure that would take place if a user simply launched an application. Typically I assign more RAM to the IIS content servers these days and make use of IIS caching, but I didn’t know about that at the time.

A virtual client desktop on the same Hyper-V server hosting a publishing and content server also experienced the same problems, so that pretty much eliminates any physical switches.

Yes, I had reconfigured the client so that it was definitely getting its content from the content server on the same Hyper-V host.

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The customer’s existing App-V 4.6 environment did not exhibit these problems with similar sized applications.

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