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-cr [Size] [Sum] Calculate 16-bit ROM checksum for adapter and compare it to the [Sum] specified.This command is the same as -cb if [Size] is specified.Listing your cards and their location The switch -s 0 means that you save the rom of the graphics card in PCI-E slot 0. to choose different cards if you have more than one. If you are curious about all the switches the has: Format: ATIFLASH [command] [parameter1] [parameter2] [parameter3] [command]: -i [Num] Display information of ATI adapters in the system. -ai [Num] Display advanced information of ATI adapters on system.To flash your BIOS with a new rom The switch -f means force flash, and -p 0 means flashing the card in PCI-E slot 0. Display advanced information of adapter [Num] if specified. Checksum for the first [Size] kbytes of the ROM content is calculated if [Size] is specified.The BIOS version number is displayed on the System Summary pane. Different motherboards use different utilities and procedures, so there’s no one-size-fits-all set of instructions here.

SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter is displayed if [ID] is not specified.If you neglect this step, your operating system will not load the cards properly, and your system may be unstable or unusable.Everything you can do in the GUI, you can do from the command line.-mb Modify SSID, SVID, BIOS Pin Number, & Boot Message in BIOS image of adapter to values in . -sst Use SST25VFxxx flashing algorithm regardless of ROMID straps.Input file example: ssid = 715B svid = 1002 biospn = "113-xxxxxx-xx" bootmsg = "ATI graphic board" -pak : -f Force flashing regardless of security checkings (e.g. -fa Force flashing bypassing already-programmed check. -fm Force flashing bypassing BIOS memory config check. -st Use ST M25Pxx flashing algorithm regardless of ROMID straps.

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