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Trying to timeslice a model would make it very inefficient because you have to wait for the results of the first timeslice before the second timeslice can be started.So it doesn’t help and you would have to move around a lot of large data files.More worrying is that a computation error loses more work. Complaining is unlikely to be useful as trying to make the Work Unit smaller has been considered and rejected as not practical.A better reaction would be to decide to make a backup from time to time so if you do suffer an error, you can recover without loosing too much work.You cannot realistically do it even on a network drive let alone over an internet connection.The model should not interfere with the normal use of your computer.Your message is being forwarded to the package maintainers and other interested parties for their attention; they will reply in due course.Your message has been sent to the package maintainer(s): Debian BOINC Maintainers If you wish to submit further information on this problem, please send it to [email protected]

Every 10,802 timesteps your model will trickle (report), and there are 24 Trickles in a phase.There is a third possible suspend option on the work tab.Note that this one only suspends the work unit and if you do this it is quite possible a different work unit will (if necessary download and) start.If no network connection is allowed or if it is unable to connect, the trickle will be stored up until the next successful communication. However, an internet connection is required for the final upload of data whenever you finish an experiment.Messages will appear in BOINC giving a large amount of detail about how this upload is progressing.

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