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For PVC gravity sewer pipe, on the other hand, backfill material and compaction are key components of design.To achieve a change in direction (vertical, horizontal, or a combination of both), one method is axial deflection of the gasketed pipe joints.1.1 These test methods cover the procedures for determining the uncured (wet) and conditioned (dry) densities of resin, silicate, silica, and sulfur-based chemical-resistant mortars, grouts, monolithic surfacings, and polymer concretes.1.2 Mold Method A outlines the molding procedure generally used for systems containing aggregate less than 0.2 in. Mold Method B covers the molding procedure generally used for systems containing aggregate from 0.2 to 0.4 in. Mold Method C is for systems containing aggregate larger than 0.4 in.

The insertion line found on gasketed PVC pipe – marked around the pipe circumference near the spigot end – indicates the depth of insertion of the pipe spigot into the bell.In fact, an easy-to-use product like PVC pipe becomes even more advantageous as temperatures decrease.PVC is widely used in Canada, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, so cold weather is not a limiting factor for PVC pipe projects.The standard offers a wide array of products that enable owners to design their systems for maximum economy.PVC pressure pipe can be installed without special backfill, since external loads are not design-limiting.

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