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We really start to see the benefit of this implementation when things become a little more complex. This type is a custom value object in our domain model that provides string encryption.Since this is not a primitive type we need some way of mapping the correct property value to the database table column. All domain level repository interfaces will implement this interface as it will offer the convention we seek in making all repositories uniform: implementation will look as below. To kick off our repository we start with a base repository interface.Most of the functionality described so far you also get when using an ORM.So why go to all this trouble to get the same thing?

We use convention to make the simple cases "just work" so we can focus on getting the more complex stuff right.The performance benchmarks from the Dapper documentation indicate that using In either example if I make a spelling mistake I will get a runtime error regardless!In the requirements there was a possibility moving the database to a cloud computing/No SQL platform.The dynamic query generator will ONLY work for basic queries with no JOINS.Any SQL query that has a JOIN or more must be hand crafted.

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