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Unfortunately, many Drupal site administrators have disabled and deleted modules in the past without running the uninstall process, and once the module has been deleted, you no longer have a way to uninstall it.

Running updates on OIT Web Hosting is essential to ensuring that your site remains safe and responsive to every user.

Interest in Drupal got a significant boost in 2003 when it helped build "Dean Space" for Howard Dean, one of the candidates in the U. Democratic Party's primary campaign for the 2004 U. After Dean ended his campaign, members of his Web team continued to pursue their interest in developing a Web platform that could aid political activism by launching Civic Space Labs in July 2004, "..first company with full-time employees that was developing and distributing Drupal technology." Drupal 8 includes new features and improvements for both users and developers, including: a revamped user interface; WYSIWYG and in-place editing; improved mobile support; added and improved key contributed modules including Views, Date, and Entity Reference; introduced a new object-oriented backend leveraging Symfony components; revamped configuration management; and improved multilingual support.

Drupal 8 rc1 is the collective work of over 3,200 core contributors.

The Acquia Connector also includes the Acquia Search integration, a fully managed Saa S search offering that integrates seamlessly with Drupal applications.

Buytaert wanted to call the site "dorp" (Dutch for "village") for its community aspects, but mistyped it when checking the domain name and thought the error sounded better. Dean Space used open-source sharing of Drupal to support a decentralized network of approximately 50 disparate, unofficial pro-Dean websites that allowed users to communicate directly with one another as well as with the campaign.

After upgrading to Drupal 7.50 (or later), you start seeing red error messages that read "The following module is missing from the file system...".

Drupal 7.50 began scanning more carefully for module and theme files, including files for modules and themes that had been disabled, but not uninstalled.

Instead, copy/paste the contents of the vendor folder, replacing or adding to the contents of your current vendor folder. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).

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