Updating quantum cryptography and communications

Even she has no prior knowledge of what the children will find when they open the boxes.This is something that makes quantum entanglement different from correlations in the classical world, such as those described in the previous paragraph.The assumption is the following: Eve, the eavesdropper who has access to their channel, cannot decode Alice’s message because she cannot efficiently recover the private key from the public key.The best known such public-key scheme is RSA, named after its inventors Rivest, Shamir and Adleman.

Welcome to the first entry of QWA’s focus series on Quantum 2.0.After all, suppose she knows the boxes each contain a toy car, but all the children know is that the boxes contain the same gift.Is it really so surprising that when the children look inside one box, they immediately know what is in the other? The key point is that the mother gives the children their gifts in quantum superposition.She then transmits the encrypted message to the receiver, who decrypts it using the same key.The great challenge is — of course — to share the key.

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