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Plugins / skins that do not come from the feed: Plugins / skins which are not from the feed and are stored on your hard disk as .ipk, either under media / hdd / images / ipk or media / usb / images / ipk, are also automatically installed if they are already installed in the image create a folder ipk under media / usb / images and paste in the plugins ipk`s there.This procedure is only valid from the current ATV 6.1 Image (from ) Please insert only ipk plugins / skins that are not already included in the feed and have also been tested before, if they work with the ATV image at all and are properly packed (named) !!!

If you wish to change this back to Spark as the default its very easy to do, its basically using the FORCE function on boot up make the receiver boot into Spark mode which is done by pressing and holding the OK button on the front of the receiver until FORCE is on the front screen, then pressings the up arrow (Spark) on the front of the receiver and then pressing OK on the front of the receiver. Dich an Deine Login zu erinnern, Einstellungen der Webseite zu speichern, Inhalte und Werbung zu personalisieren, Social Media Funktionen anzubieten und unser Datenaufkommen zu analysieren.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Please see the How To ( in german language only): https:// is a quick and dirty Goolge translation: Importantly, there should be an internal / external HDD and if both are not the case, a USB stick which is then recognized by the image as media / hdd, one of the three memories, must always be connected to your receiver.

If the difference is too big, please delete the last file and save the current settings again.

Both causes are actually quite rare, but so you know at least how you can handle / repair.

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For anyone this is the easiest way to install enigma 2 on an Alien2 triple HOW TO LOAD ENIGMA2 FIRMWARE WITH SPARK PLUGIN USING A USB STICK AND EASY TO FOLLOW ON-SCREEN MENU IN SPARK - FOR THE AMIKO ALIEN / ALIEN 2 Items required: USB Stick Formatted to FAT32 Use HP Format Tool for formatting if you have any problems with the USB not being seen by the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 Spark Mini Plugins pack for the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 Enigma2 Firmware for the Amiko Alien / Alien 2 1) Download the. 3) Now remove the USB stick from your computer and with your Amiko Alien / Alien 2 receiver powered on and connected to your TV insert the USB stick into a USB port on Amiko Alien / Alien 2 receiver (either front or rear USB port will work in the case of the Alien 2 - just ensure you have no other USB devices connected at the time).

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