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Hello, I have create a master/detail using a Grid View and a Form View.

My Data Source for the detailed Form View is linked to the Grid View by the details Object Data Source whiche looks like the following: When I update the record on the Form View by ussing the Form View.

This works well when you are inserting the data into the database.

The problem starts when you try to update the data which is already in the database.

If you are using paging, the index needs to be between 0 and the Page Size.

This article explains how to perform insert, update and delete operations in ASP. Let us take an example to perform CRUD operations using Entity Framework Database First approach.

If there is, and you've edited a record on any page but the first page, you get an index out of bounds error when you try to use the rowid in your update code because Container.

[Web Method(true)] public void Note Changed Rows(int row Index) Note Changed Rows simply stores the row index of the rows that have been changed.

Now, we only have to update those changed rows and not all the rows.

I will write an article on this technique and publish it on Grid View Guy. Azam, I've been able to use the technique you describe above to handle edits on one of my gridviews, but you need to be aware of a serious error in your code I found out about the hard way.

private void Bind Data() And here is the HTML view of the Grid View control.

I am attaching the onchange Java Script function to the Text Boxes.

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Seemingly you are not alone in this oversite: Container.

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