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Ensure you send a certified or true copy to MMSB for input into your OMPF.Fitness Reports Though there are many ways to check this for both the old and new reports.It is imperative as a Career Marine, you fully understand all the moving parts of your record and know how to keep it updated.As we review records to evaluate performance during counseling, we routinely come across poorly managed records.It is a set of three individual folders printed in a run-on sequence on microfiche and contains the information listed below: Service Folder Consists of contract information, discharge documents, general administrative and service documents used to compute service time for benefits, programs, or retirement.Commendatory/Derogatory Folder Contains documents on civilian and military education, personal awards, court-martial/nonjudicial punishments, and other material reflecting significant personal achievement or adversity pertinent to making decisions for purposes of selection, assignment, and retention.The promotion system provides a process whereby Marines within each grade and Military Occupational Specialty/Occupation Field compete for promotion to the next grade.The basic goal is to advance the best qualified Marines to higher grades.

YOUR MBS (MASTER BRIEF SHEETS) Your MBS is a snapshot of administrative data, duties and grades given based on your fitness reports.Additionally, it is a good idea to send copies of certificates for 'Required PME' to the board.This will serve as a good proof source just in case the source document from MCI or MCTFS are incorrect.KEEPING YOUR RECORD CURRENT Here is a simple checklist that will be a good tool to ensure accuracy and update of your records for the promotion process.Administrative Information (DOR, AFADBD, PEBD, PMOS, IMOS) Basic Individual Record in the MCTFS and the header data of your MBS. PFT (Semi Annually) Basic Training Record in the MCTFS. Rifle/Pistol Range (Annually) Basic Training Record in the MCTFS. PME Though you can verify this in many places, it is best to ensure all PME shows completion as a complete course in your Basic Training Record in the MCTFS, This is inputted by MCI, call MCI at (800) MCI-USMC. See Note-2 more on Equivalency Codes Other Training Requirements (Swim, BST) Basic Training Record in the MCTFS. Awards Awards Screen in the MCTFS to ensure it is in the system and in your OMPF (C-Fiche) to ensure your citations have been inputted for all to read.

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