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These operations (the "Manufacturing Segment") accounted for approximately 95.3% of the Company's total net sales and 88.7% of total identifiable assets on a consolidated basis in 1993.

The Company markets these products to the heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, hardware and other industries. ("MBCo") and its subsidiaries operate eight production facilities in four states and Canada and has distribution facilities nationwide and sales representation worldwide.

Typical applications for impacts are high-strength ordnance, high-conductivity electrical components, builders' hardware, hydraulic systems, automotive parts and other uses where toughness must be combined with varying complexities of design and finish.

Other applications for these products include screw machine parts, fabricated tube products, gears, bearings, hydraulic pumps, automobile parts, ordnance components, home appliances, air conditioning and refrigeration products and many others.

Natural resource operations consist principally of the operation of a short line railroad and placer gold mining. Upon the reorganization of Sharon Steel Corporation ("Sharon") under Title 11, Chapter 11 of the United States Code (the "Bankruptcy Code") on December 28, 1990, Mueller became the successor to Sharon for purposes of the Bankruptcy Code.

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A major portion of Mueller's products are ultimately used in the domestic residential and commercial construction markets and, to a lesser extent, in the automotive and heavy on and off-the- 4 road vehicle markets.

Mueller's industrial products include brass rod, nonferrous forgings and impact extrusions that are sold primarily to OEM customers in the plumbing, refrigeration, fluid power, industrial valves and fittings and automotive industries, as well as other manufacturers and distributors.

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