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An algorithm to determine the validity of a given date is given below. Initially, a flag valid is set to zero (false) indicating that the given date is invalid. (statement sets this flag to 1 (true) if all the required conditions are satisfied.

Note that we have to determine mdays, the number of days in a given month, only if the value of mm is valid.

One of the nice functions provided by php is checkdate().

It checks the range on the month, day and year to ensure your date is valid.

It should work for recent dates, which is probably what you need it for.

" i want to return it to the start so that can able to try the program again...

In order to compensate for the nearly quarter day, leap days were are added on february 29th every 4 years.

Client-side validation alone does not ensure security; therefore data needs to be validated on the server-side as well.

Forms frequently include required input that needs to be clearly identified using labels.

If your web browser supports HTML5, it will not allow you to submit the form without entering text into the input field.

Instead, it will display a message that is generated by the web browser itself.

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Let us use variables dd,mm and yy (all of type int)to represent the day, month and year in a given date.

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