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An Axis Specifier such as 'child' or 'descendant' specifies the direction to navigate from the context node.

The node test and the predicate are used to filter the nodes specified by the axis specifier: For example, the node test 'A' requires that all nodes navigated to must have label 'A'.

Each predicate takes a node-set returns a (potentially) smaller node-set.

So converts any of the four XPath data types into a string according to built-in rules.

Node sets that meet one or more of several conditions can be found by combining the conditions inside a predicate with ' via the Java API for XML Processing.

Technically this is an XPath API rather than an XPath implementation, and it allows the programmer the ability to select a specific implementation that conforms to the interface.

The XPath syntax comes in two flavors: the abbreviated syntax, is more compact and allows XPaths to be written and read easily using intuitive and, in many cases, familiar characters and constructs.

However, XPath 1.0 is still the version that is most widely available.

An XPath expression is evaluated with respect to a context node.

The reference to an attribute of the top-level element in the first predicate affects neither the context of other predicates nor that of the location step itself.

Predicate order is significant if predicates test the position of a node.

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