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I immediately went out and brought a cute [little] outfit for her right after the appointment."PHOTOS: Babies of the year! C.'s Joseph Simmons, also goes by the stage name Rev.

" data-reactid="25"Though the first-time mom-to-be was ecstatic about the news, there was one person she was afraid to tell -- her dad! Run, and has often spoken out about his faith when the family starred in the MTV series from 2005 to 2009.

She is elder sister of Angela Simmons, Jojo Joseph Simmons, Russell Russy Simmon II and Daniel Diggy Simmons III.

Other siblings are Miley Justine Simmons and Victoria Anne Simons.

Simmons, 30, revealed via Instagram on Monday, Sept.

30 that she's expecting her first child -- a baby girl!

Anyone you see her in public with is probably just a friend.She is the nice to Danny Simmons and to Russell Simmons who is the co-founder of the Def Jam Records.Vanessa Simmons got the fame when she featured on the reality show called Run’s House together with his sister Angela Simmons; they work as designers for Pastry, a shoe brand.From oldest to youngest: -Vanessa Simmons -Angela Simmons -Joseph "Jojo" Simmons Jr. TV show description: From executive producers Tracey Edmonds, Angela Burt-Murray, Vanessa Middleton, and Kim Newton, the Games People Play TV show is a drama based on Burt-Murray's 2014 mystery novel, Games Divas Play. Vanessa married her sweetheart, Marques (Jackson), when he was on the cusp of becoming a professional basketball player.

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