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We’d be very curious to hear Madge’s take on why you two didn’t work out! "If you want to get known as a singer," Sammy Davis Jr.It also dramatically illustrated that Yeezy was on the ascendant.From there on out, 50 slowed down and settled into the role of elder statesman rather than that of the fresh, young hotshot.While the act may have succeeded in that aspect, it caused major head-scratching and criticism of the group, which had already announced its retirement (via an open letter attached to a dead sheep, no less).

Granted, Yacht are far from the first musical act to launch an ill-conceived publicity stunt and suffer the consequences. 1958: American rock n' roll singer Elvis Presley (1935 - 1977) stands with a group of young men at an induction center, raising their right hands as they are sworn into the United States Army by an officer standing next to an American flag.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had everything to lose, and little to gain, by pitting himself against up-and-comer Kanye West in a fabricated feud in 2007.

The showdown hinged on which artist would sell more copies of their latest album: still performed well overall, due partly to the stunt, but the loss was a resounding blow to 50's eminence.

A photoshoot for the cover of his debut album ' My Aim Is True'.

(Photo by Estate Of Keith Morris/Redferns/Getty Images) Estate Of Keith Morris/Redferns/Getty . In an attempt to snag the attention of American record executives, Costello busked loudly outside a CBS Records convention in London, with fellow artists from the indie label Stiff Records holding up pro-Elvis placards.

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