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They have more men, more chariots, more horses, and better swords and spears than we have. The troops were losing confidence in Saul as a leader and beginning to scatter.So, we have to trust God and make a quick attack before they can get organized. Saul felt he was in a lot of trouble.: This was plainly sinful. Second, Saul was a king, not a priest, and only priests were to offer sacrifices.He was still there many months later (1 Samuel 13:1).It may be that Saul wanted to keep re-living the glorious day when Samuel recognized and confirmed him as king before the entire nation. He repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead a successful attack. Israel had enjoyed the “peace” of subjected people: everything will be fine as long as you take your place of subjugation.

We often try to blame our sin on someone else.: “We really needed God’s help against the Philistines, and we needed it now, so I had to do it.” But if Saul would have obeyed and trusted God, the LORD would take care of the Philistines. The whole manner of Saul’s explanation makes it clear this was no misunderstanding.Now that he was king, the men of Israel expected greater things from him.Then he waited seven days, according to the time set by Samuel.Perhaps many Israelites admired Saul for offering the sacrifice. He should have been more concerned with pleasing God instead of the people.: “You see Samuel, it was really your fault.If you came earlier, I wouldn’t have done this.” But if Saul obeyed and trusted God, God would take care of Samuel and the timing.

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