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And I found this out the hard way with, let’s call him, ‘Tan Guy with Glasses.’ He was tan, had glasses, and was smart, successful, and kind of stuck up. What’s worse than this epidemic of discrimination of the palate?

One of those types that wore loafers and spoke more about himself than he asked questions. Your own MOTHER saying she wouldn’t date your ‘kind.’ Mother, I’m no alien, I’m an animal rights activist.

Once the food arrived, I offered to share my plate of veggies, but he seemed put off by the colorful masterpiece and wanted nothing to do with his fork on my half of the table. Carnivores think you are a part of a cultish, avant garde, hippie lifestyle that they therefore don’t identify with.

And when I say ‘they,’ I mean most men, since this has happened more than once.

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Let me get this out: Going forward on Tinder, I am definitely going to be reading bios BEFORE swiping, just in case someone decides to make a comment involving Tan Guy with Glasses’ no-vegan rule.

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I am a like-minded person, interested in social and global issues. I am spiritual, practicing yoga and meditation, vegetarian, ecofriendly.

I follow a healthy lifestyle, I like sport, complementary therapies and I am a massage therapist.

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