Virgo female dating a cancerian man

He is a wonderful mix of sweet emotionalism and mature intellect.I know he kind of sounds like a walking contradiction, but I like the variation, because I'm the same way.we have this connection that I cant explain in words... He is everything I ever wanted in a man, he listens, he cares, the way we can just sit and talk its like the world moves around us. The only thing is that we both have been hurt in the past.

The way he stares into my eyes I know he has to be feeling something.We're still good friends now, and whenever we're together it just feels right. but I forgive him as we have a long distance relationship. We would be talking minimum 2 to 6 hours and feel like he is just mine. After dinner we saw a movie together and then, "FINALLY" ditched him.He is sweet, simple, nice, kind and traditional gentleman. I have never met him outside, but over the Internet. I knew him three years ago, but love affair started just 6 months ago. We have our lil spats, nothing serious, I think we are I just started dating a cancer guy we 1st used to be friends n all but now we are dating n like we have soo much in comment so far we have 1 month of dating n its going great.might get marry next year I think his one I will love to spend the rest of ma life with him =]Thanks for this forum. AS SOON AS we stepped across the threshold of my apartment and I had her up against the closed the door in a kiss.He is a wonderful wonderful man and I wont trade what little we have for the world.I am a Cancer man and was engaged to a Virgo woman after dating almost 9 years.

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