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In fact, the coroner's report related her death to her drug use. i don't know why people say danger is pregenet by ray j because that's wrong,they need to stop lieing.She became unconscious in the bath-tub and drowned. IF ll see the preview of the love of ray-j 2 that would say if they are having a baby which there are Whitney Houston. '", url: 'https://com/2012/02/17/ray-j-whitney-houston-nippy/', uri: '/2012/02/17/ray-j-whitney-houston-nippy/', query: , benchmark: '64', etag: 'f9f9d8ec7b5ece404074cbf3d551fa54', node: {"_schema":"pbj:tmz:news:node:article:1-0-0","_id":"57c84da5-1bea-5983-9250-11143a9c8507","status":"published","etag":"6bd885caeea225fe93ad8e3710d55683","created_at":"1329495443000000","updated_at":"1557715104787396","title":"Ray J to Whitney Houston: 'I Miss You So Much!The Fall of the Black Diva Whitney Houston & Brandy- ILLUMINATI MONARCH SEX KITTEN Lucifers Servants Play No Games: The Devil in the Details of Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Celebration & The Scarlet Woman Lucifers Servants Play No Game: GRAMMYS, The Whore of Babylon, Roman Polanski & the Sharon Tate Satanic Slayings Lucifers Servants Play No Game: the Sharon Tate Satanic Murders The Many Strange Faces of Tex Watson Lucifers Servants & the Secret Lookout Mountain Laboratory The 2012 Super Bowl & the Rise of the Dark Forces of Baphomet Lucifers Servants Play No Game: The Great BEAST 666 Aleister Crowley & Jack the Ripper In the 21st Century, the Black Diva was no myth.

Whitney said to me that Ray J was a pretend boyfriend in his mind so that he could make more money. Since Whitney Houston is now deceased, yes, their relationship is over.

Dre Headphones, clothes, backpacks and notebooks via the organization.

But times remain trying for the man who was dating Whitney before she died on February 12.

In 1997, the Franklin School in East Orange, New Jersey was renamed to The Whitney E.

Houston Academy School of Creative and Performing Arts.

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For the week summing up the 2012 Grammys, Whitney Houston had to have been one of the Grammys most important, celebrated and influential international musical icon and poster girl.

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