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In your eyes, what’s the formula for a successful date? We're doing our best to balance those out so that the couples we feature in Date Lab are more representative of the D. "I hope anyone we send out on Date Lab is going into it with an open mind.

"One part optimism, one part openness, two parts mutual attraction, and at least two drinks. But the best thing they can do, as hard as it may be, is to completely ignore the fact that a reporter is going to call you the next day with a bunch of questions.

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It’s no big reveal to say that dating is hard work, especially in a city like Washington, where everyone seems to focus on three things: work, work, and work.

I got in touch with Jane and Bennett this past summer just before they celebrated their one-year anniversary. I think women are more likely to take a leap with something like Date Lab; men seem to need a little more cajoling.

But just what goes on behind those closed-laboratory doors? Ahead, Mc Grath dishes the nitty-gritty about the Date Lab team, the selection progress, and even some dating advice. More recently, we've been trying to shake up the process now and then — sending couples out rock climbing or sailing instead of to restaurants; letting daters choose their own match (we have two of these experiments coming up); getting fans to vote for which person we should send out on a date.

And there's lots of new stuff on the horizon that we're very excited about."It seems like Date Lab combines the best of online dating with traditional matchmaking.

But I think we take a realistic approach to what dating means in this day and age. We don't expect there to be some kind of movie-style insta-spark that makes our couple immediately fall in love.

When Date Labbers meet, they are total strangers; most people aren't going to go from zero to true love in a single night.

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