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It was a small group of Jesuits, led by Matteo Ricci who, being able both to travel throughout China and to read, learned about the country from Chinese books and from conversation with people of all walks of life.

It looks like that at the moment the only app that can do it is Big Vencoder, but is a bit tricky to let it work, that’s why I have found my own workaround to do it.The division of China into northern and southern parts ruled by, in succession, the Liao, Jin and Mongol Yuan dynasties in the north, and the Song dynasty in the south, ended in the late 13th century with the conquest of southern China by the Mongol Yuan dynasty.Meanwhile, in China itself, people usually referred to their nation state based on the name of the ruling dynasty, e.g.The name occurs in the writings of Giovanni da Pian del Carpine (c.While Central Asia had long known China under names similar to Cathay, that country was known to the peoples of South-East Asia and India under names similar to China (cf.

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