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They have a lot of what you call black and other lace panties (he is groping for the word lingerie) from foreign and wear them when they call us." I ask him what happens if he doesn't like a woman who has hired him. Later, I help Rohit select a checked shirt from a nearby mall as his gift, hoping that I don't bump into friends or family as I wait outside the trial room. No stories of tortured men with hearts of gold come to the fore. Oral sex, yes, but no kissing, which is too intimate and off bounds.

Some say that foreigners don't mind kissing but Indians do and that men from the Middle East are the most generous clients when it comes to payment and tips.

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It is four in the afternoon and I am waiting for a whore at a Delhi coffee shop. His pimp, a girl who calls herself Mansi, allays my restlessness with hot sell on the phone.

Some send photographs of the gigolos on email or mms to choose from.I make sure I don't have an orgasm until she does," he says, unable to disguise his libidinal arrogance.Abraham doesn't want a steady girlfriend but allows himself to fall in love with his clients.The boys claim they can get to state their own sexual preferences too and insist on safe sex. If you ask for a 35-plus intelligent man, chances are you will go to bed alone. He is the Alpha male at Voodoo, a notorious hangout in Colaba, Mumbai, with a dance bar called Slip Disc.Most of them are young, brash, brawny, brainless and bisexual. A college student around 22, Abraham is strictly heterosexual. He claims he has modelled for Man's World and Times of India, done auditions for adman Prahlad Kakkar and photoshoots with lens guru Prabuddha Das Gupta.

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After all, men can't be forced to "do it" if they don't want to."Yes, I love doing it," chorus Rohit, Amit, Mike. Gelled, streaked hair and jewellery—rings, pendants, bracelets in weird designs. Aunty is a Mumbai term for loaded women who shop for sex.

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