Who is alyson michalka dating 2016

Michalka later revealed that she and Jonas were each other’s first kiss.

Jonas didn’t date much over the next couple years, but in 2008, he met Taylor Swift.

The couple never even officially confirmed they were dating.

Jonas first met Demi Lovato in 2007 when the two were filming “Camp Rock” together.

“We felt we needed to write a revenge song for the innocent victims of Hollywood’s abusers.” Watch the video below now!

Two sisters on the cusp of adulthood, Elle and Joy, spend a final week before embarking on their next music tour visiting friends and preparing for the going away party they intend to host....

Now, we're writing music as adults and that transition is really hard.”“Those are going away,” AJ says.

“We're massive perfectionists, and I know it's been a long time coming …

They only released one song under the new name, 2013’s “Hothouse,” before announcing in late 2015 that they would once again be recording as Aly & AJ. “I think there was also a moment in finding that new band name where we were trying to separate ourselves from being children, and seen as being as childlike performers.

In 2015, Jonas and Gigi Hadid started dating, though the relationship only lasted a few months and Hadid quickly moved on to Zayn Malik after the split.

In November 2016, Jonas began dating actress Sophie Turner, whom he’s been with ever since.

Jonas revealed that at the time, Lovato was struggling greatly with addiction, and Jonas wasn’t happy in the relationship.

But he felt that he couldn’t break things off because he wanted to be there for her, since she needed support.

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