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I think they were more busting her bubble.’’Kobe and Vanessa Bryant have both had their share of popularity issues during their marriage, and time with the Lakers.

That’s a lot of work.’’One benefit Young Williams says she enjoyed that the new crop of NBA wives doesn’t, is the guiding wisdom of women who’d traveled the same rocky road before.

It’s not just about the money, it’s about the perks you get away from the game just because you’re the wife.’’It seems that being the wife or gal pal of either a moderately known or wildly popular NBA star automatically guarantees much more than a pair of court-side seats.

According to one NBA mate, it also means having the first pick of the most coveted Chloe handbags, Christian Louboutin shoes, and enough face time to become a regular on the pages of all the weekly tabloids. In an era where the viewing public just can’t seem to get enough of reality shows that feature the over-the-top, dysfunctional lives of basketball, baseball, and football wives, Bryant’s divorce only heightens the fascination and intrigue.“When I met and married Jayson 20 years ago, the wives and girlfriends received no attention at all.

Johnson plans to hold forums around the country with Mourning and Hill that emphasize the number of healthy and happy marriages in the NBA, while also inspiring young women to follow their own dreams and not bank on marrying a rich and famous athlete.“We all aren’t living that dysfunctional and unhappy life that’s shown on television,’’ says Johnson.

“We’re all not fighting with each other, and we’re all not miserable in our marriages.

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