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Jerry’s escapade of patronizing a sex worker and paying in cheque came back to haunt him to the point of disfiguring his bright political career after the affairs were revealed by the local press.Throwing in the towel on politics, Jerry reopened his journalism diaries which he ‘wrote’ during his days at Tulane University when he worked at WTUL New Orleans FM.A confrontation graduates to an altercation and then to a complete wrestle while the security tries to prevent the fighters’ from harming themselves.From people deceived by their partners about their gender, to women scorned by their spouses’ infidelity, guests engage in fights over series of controversial issues on the Jerry Springer Show. It may be easier to believe that the show is only scripted and has no realistic concept.

But then, several attestations made by the show host have said otherwise.

He didn’t just come out of the blues to become the Mayor of Cincinnati; Jerry was elected as a member of the Cincinnati city council in 1971.

His glory days as the Mayor, however, came to an end in 1981 after some past skeletons fell out of the cupboard and damaged his reputation.

Trashing here refers to violent confrontations which could lead to smashing and battering without the presence of on-set security personnel.

To some viewers, it was a mini ‘Wrestlemania’ where wrestlers (enraged families, individuals) brawled their way to a not so certain consensus with a slight regulation from a referee (Jerry Springer).

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The phrase “Take care of yourself, and each other” became his catchphrase for the station.

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