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headed on down to Jamaica this season, the feud brewing between Kenya Michaels and Kim Fields reached a near fever pitch thanks to Kenya's pettiness over Cynthia Bailey's commercial shoot—and it also took on some collateral damage.

You'll recall the evening spent around the pool when Kenya made some serious allegations about Kim's husband Christopher Morgan's sexuality, only brave enough to do so with her enemy far away in her hotel room, preparing for the morning's commercial shoot.

And she kind of put me in the middle with that situation because how I would handle that situation the entire world watching is different than I would when someone spreads a lie about you in front of the nation and world. She didn't marry Chris until 2007.]Now, I understand, I'm a Broadway performer without a real name, as far as Hollywood goes, and when Kim and I first got together, there was all kinds of speculation about me. But it didn't effect me then because I'm a musical theater performer that's been in the industry for 20 years. If I wasn't married, I was engaged to the woman I was married to the first time. Maybe there's some room down the road for us to actually be friends. It was interesting the way it was insinuated that by being a Broadway singer and dancer, you must be gay. And it's disappointing to me that someone would make such reckless statements without thinking of the true repercussions of it.

As an actress, she is popular for portraying her role in the television series like The Facts of Life and Living Single.

There might be things said that, you know, even off-color humor that catches you before you catch yourself.

I kind of feel like a couple of the women got caught in that.

Even if a chuckle considers them a participant, they showed more restraint than others.

Now, it's again not my judgement to put on anyone that has judgement on me.

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  1. Which explains, perhaps, why I constantly feel the need to clarify my views on the following questions: Do I date only white men? It’s such a cop-out, such a convenient way of reaffirming the sexual superiority of white men and likewise the impotence of Asian men.