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Since his appearance in the show’s pilot episode, John has appeared in all 242 episodes, winning him several different awards, including a prestigious Emmy.

In recent times the actor has been in various TV shows and movies, but John has never landed anything as successful as the show.

Like many stars on The Big Bang Theory, Jim’s career began to skyrocket after he landed the role as Sheldon.

This kind-hearted astrophysicist made his debut in the show’s pilot and has stuck around to win the hearts of everyone ever since.

Sheldon lives each day to a strict minute by minute routine, and lacks an understanding of any humor or sarcasm, but is slowly learning the ropes.

Since season five, the character has been dating Amy Fowler, whom he proposed to in the finale of season 10.

The show finished airing in 1997 but is due to make a comeback in spring 2018 for a special revival season.

It’s not only acting that Sara will be doing for the show either as the actress has also got a job as one of the executive producers.

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