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Aspects of sex will not vary substantially between different human societies, while aspects of gender may vary greatly. And if you have any other issues that make you different than your peers, it can make growing up extremely rough, even if you're someone like me who has never cared to fit in.Some examples of sex characteristics: So what happens when someone's gender identity does not match with their biological sex? Regardless of not caring if I fit in, I still yearned to have some place where I belonged, a place where it made sense that I was the person that I am.Normally, I can go through my day to day just being a person.I do not let my gender identity issues control me to the same extent that they once did.My gender identity does not match my biological sex.The subject of sex and gender is what I would call one of my trigger topics.However, it was just a story created by a child's brain in an attempt to understand why I was so different than the rest of the girls, a story I wanted to believe. Before the name Jules became my familiar name, I wanted to change my name to my middle name, Christine, so that people would call me Chris.

Also, if a man was to leave me for another man, I would be devastated. I've had men leave me for other women, and I never felt inadequate as a result.Or there will be some female only thing happening and I have to run for the hills, not being able to say why I just can't join that activity, only to feel, yet again, like a fraud, wishing that I did in fact have a penis, so that both men and women would stop having certain expectations of me.Even in the trans community, I've been told I don't belong because if I was truly trans, I'd be attracted to women.Even though my gender identity causes me psychological distress and I feel like I am trapped in the wrong body, because I have neutral feelings about my genitals, I did not fit the criteria. Because I am a man, even if, from time to time, an effeminate one. The reason why I feel this way is because if a male identifies as feminine, women are more accepting of it.Then there was a proposed change to the diagnostic criteria and more people, like me, fall into the clinical criteria necessary to be recognised as having some sort of gender identity issue. DSM V criteria.)I'm not sure I could ever really explain what it is means to be a trans individual without writing a novel. I really understand why men communicate the way they do. My sons have always just naturally said, without any sort of prompting or discussion, “My mum is a gay man trapped in a female's body.” I find it fascinating how my boys just instinctively know I am different, just as, from the time we were wee children, my sister and I always knew. I feel it is more difficult to be a trans male than it is to be a trans female. Sure, that individual may have a harder time with men, but women seem to want to welcome them as one of their own. I've always been the token female in a group of men. However, and this happens at least once a week, somewhere in the discussion, I am told, “You would not understand.

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