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I think a lot of women just don't think about it ... Some carriers were quick to respond with the numbers: • American Airlines said 344, or about 4% of its pilots, are women.• Alaska Airlines said 53, or also about 4% of its pilots, are women.as a career field." We wanted to find out how many female pilots work at some of the major U. • Jet Blue's figure stands at 78, or just under 4% of its pilots.Schilmoeller remembers getting some double takes from passengers when she flew for a regional carrier in the early 2000s, but said most of her male colleagues weren't at all surprised to be working alongside a woman.

So women coming up through the ranks, like Schilmoeller, have faced tough job prospects and stiff competition in a profession where seniority is everything.is because most of the dinosaurs are gone," Laboda said."The men who didn't want women in the cockpit have mostly retired." Masson, who was hired by American Airlines in 1976 and flew for the carrier for 31 years, said she worked with a couple of male captains who made it clear they weren't thrilled to be flying with her.But other airlines contacted for this article stayed mum on the subject.Delta, Southwest, United and US Airways did not respond to requests for information about the number of female airline pilots they employ.

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