Women who are grouchy dating

Then try a brief touch, putting your palm on his leg or holding his hand, and ask if there's something bothering him.

"In a quiet moment, talk about why this impulsive behavior makes him feel better," suggests Brody.D., author of , who has been studying the condition for over 40 years.So if your SO barks at you for leaving your wet towel on the floor, you can be mystified, or you can use our intel to understand, and soothe, his four biggest mood triggers. Men's testosterone levels tend to spike in the fall and plummet in March, April, and May, a dip that can cause irritability and aggression (in both men and women, by the way).It shows that you truly care about him and want to resolve the issue at hand," says Lo Dolce. Because low levels of serotonin—a brain chemical that regulates appetite and feelings of well-being—can be the side effect of a paleo or gluten-free eating plan. Serotonin also helps control impulses, so in the moment, your guy may really not be able to stop himself from eating. So simply scope out the food he's hoovering: If it's healthy, let him munch."These diets are so popular among men now, and low serotonin can make him both ravenous and cranky," says Diamond. But if it's strictly desserts and junk food, make sure to stock the fridge with lower-cal grub until your man's Hulk side subsides, suggests Lo Dolce.

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