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No one wants a date who goes on and on about themselves before they’ve even gone out together. Yes, you absolutely have to describe yourself, but not down to the last detail. Zoosk member Not Young Still Restless does a great job of summing himself up, saying, “I’m 52, and I still love to go out, exercise, drive my car too fast, and play my rock n’ roll too loud.” It’s all about striking a good balance between not enough information and way too much information.

This makes sense because online daters often feel more confident messaging someone who doesn’t withhold information.At least then your date prospects will understand what you’re trying to say.Dating profiles with vague lists and generic language are just plain lazy.They do need to know if you have kids or grandkids.Instead of writing an autobiography or listing qualities, give online daters the highlights of your background, hobbies, and goals. It’s important to act like it by writing properly and checking your spelling.

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  1. Like I said she seems like a very sensitive/intense person and told me that she hasn't had a guy at her place in a year. Asking her when she'd be free for dinner after work that week was a mistake as she was already obviously frazzled and not sure, and she told you as much when she replied. She'll either come back to you in a few days and ask or you can try again and then it won't seem like you're being needy.