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When Olivia confesses that she has a crush on Tyler and wants to ask him to the Fall Ball dance, Kat knows there’s going to be a problem: Tyler thinks Olivia is just another ditsy girl who only cares about lip gloss and boy bands.

But since Kat’s one of Tyler’s oldest friends, Olivia’s sure she’ll know how to get his attention.

Tori is sure she can fake being that girl in the dress—it’s only for two weeks.

Tori hopes their friendship will continue, but being a good friend means being honest.

Suddenly the person Kat’s used to playing Xbox with is causing her stomach to do cartwheels.Worse are the lies that Tori is telling herself every time she pretends to be someone she’s not.When Jasmine announces she’s staying with her grandparents, Tori really begins to regret her deception.Love Set- it left me unsettled, and I loved IU’s acting in it 3. # I'm loving the chemistry between the two female protagonists.Was laughing during the whole inquisitive aspect about kissing and dating Lol!

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Except at the last minute, Frankie bows out, leaving Bea on her own to go to a camp where she won't know ANYONE.

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